The Five Pillars of GLC

Creating Leaders

We hope to see individuals from our high school team move on to the Greensboro Lacrosse Club Adult Program. In their high school years, Greensboro Lacrosse Club players will become not only better lacrosse players, but better men. In our program we have our members’ best interests at heart in all that we do, on and off of the lacrosse field!

Affordable Play

We look to provide an affordable venue to players of all ages, skill levels and years of experience, from all around the greater Greensboro area.

Developing Athletes

To play the game the correct way, mold raw athleticism, develop lacrosse intelligence and see each athlete recognize their upside as well as their full potential.

Lacrosse Culture

To serve as a beacon in the Greensboro lacrosse community. Embody lacrosse culture and what it stands for in Greensboro as well as representing the Greensboro Lacrosse Club across the state, Southern and Mid-Atlantic region.

Instilling Values

To instill values that carry over off the lacrosse field. Reinforcing the importance of education and what it means to be a student-athlete and holding the young men of our organization to a high moral standard.